D.P.T (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Duration: 5 Years Degree Program

Program Learning Outcomes:

1-      Carryout patient/ client assessment / reassessment / evaluate and interpret the assessment by the integrating concepts from biological, physical, behavioral, and clinical sciences to produce a physical therapy diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

2-      Apply critical thinking and make clinical decisions in physical therapy by employing evidence based practice.

3-      Perform screening of patients to identify appropriate patients for physical therapy services and refer to consultants or other members of interdisciplinary team members as requires.

4-      Collaborate with patients, members of interdisciplinary team members to develop and implement an evidence-based plan by considering financial and human resource.

5-      Examine theoretical and scientific basis of physical therapy practice, collect and evaluate data, review published literature and apply findings in the delivery of care.

6-      Provide and promote services related to prevention of disease, fitness and general health by taking into consideration cultural & social aspects.

7-      Exhibit professional code of conduct and behaviors that are in line with the legal and ethical practice of physical therapy.