Medical Laboratory Technology

Clinical Laboratory Sciences

  • Demonstrate conceptual knowledge in all the sub-specialties of laboratory.
  • Should be able to perform all techniques and recognize pre analytical, and post analytical errors.
  • Should be able to take appropriate action and handle trouble shooting.
  • Comply all safety regulations and monitor quality control.
  • Should be able to utilize computer technology in clinical laboratory data processing, data retrieval and reporting.
  • Should be able to perform preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment and instruments or refer to appropriate source of repairs.
  • Maintain professional ethics.
  • Should have knowledge of laboratory waste disposal.

Clinical laboratory sciences program is to recruit, educate and prepare competent medical laboratory technologist who can serve with high professional competency in the diagnostic laboratory demonstrating high ethical and moral standards.


  • To deliver best training and teaching skills with accountability throughout the course.
  • To teach ethics, quality and standards of laboratory services.
  • To develop creative and innovative technologist who should understand the value of research.
  • To develop integrity, accountability and respect of their profession